• Erasmus + motivational workshop

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          It was the 3rd workshop in Sopron. We met with Hungarian, Finish and Slovak students and we done some tests on wood. We were divided to three teams. The teams name were spruce, larch and pine. I worked in spruce time. Every team got treated and untreated samples and we made destructive and non-destructive tests. We watched presentation about tests and we learned something news about theory, measurement etc.

          Non- destruction testing is a young method. NDT is the process of inspecting, testing, or evaluating materials, components, or differences in characteristics without destroyingwood materials. Non-destructive test has two types.

          The first is generation impulses in the wood where sound-waves cause atoms to vibrate in the direction of generated sound. The first step we measured every dimensions of samples. We gave samples on small sponge on left side, right side and middle and we hitted special stick with gum to wood and we are hearted sounds by microphone which notice results.

          We used some equations for models of elasticity and we generated data.

          The second type is different because wood put between ultrasonic sensors. The ultrasonic sensors generates electrical impulses and it analysing data.We used FAKOPP Ultrasonic timer, ultrasonicgel, calliper, and scale for testing.

          We done two destruction tests bending and screw withdrawal. We used Instron testing machine for tension, calliper and scale for bending test. We measured dimensions samples and we wrote dimension on special software and we put wood into the Instron testing machine and it started pushed on the wooden surface while the samples broke down. We compared and generation results between each other.

          We used Instron testing machine for tension, calliper, and scale for screw withdrawal tests.

          We drilled screw on wood surface and after we putted samples into the machine. It broken specimens were removed from the testing machine. Finally results were analysed and calculated by computer.

          When we done every testes we went to trips on Wednesday. We visited miner museum in Sopron where we saw connection between Sopron and Banska Štiavnica in Slovakia. We was on Fire tower where it was beautiful view on all town.

          We went Pan-European-Picnic too. It is places located on Austrian-Hungarian border near Sopron. It is the memory on the Revolutions of 1989 leading to the lifting of the Iron Curtain and the reunification of Germany.

          After we visited VELUX company where we saw work procession and we learned how a window doing. I think it was the best experience because some information I used on technology test. The VELUX company is one of the big company which doing intelligence, wooden windows with good quality. We visited IKEA company of industry we saw technologies which used IKEA for work procession. And the end we went to crazy man castles. It was building from middle ages. It was magic place with bat.

          It was reset day and next day was very hard for everyone because we make final report. I described bending destruction test and help with wrote all spruce report.

           The Friday was finally day, we presentation own results and we discussion about it. And the end we watched presentation about next final Finish workshop in Lachti.

          A. Martikánová